What my clients say about working with me

Jill Russell psychologist

Jill Russell

Malene’s work on my website continues to support my practice. I had researched a few services and gathered information and was a reluctant beginner to the whole idea.

Thankfully, Malene settled my initial concerns and guided me step by step, intuiting where I needed guidance to express what would be suitable information, asking me the right questions and giving me written suggestions after our meetings over coffee that I could refine or ignore altogether if I chose. I needed that kind of freedom. That way we achieved a satisfying balance between what I wanted to communicate to prospective viewers and what would be effective information for potential clients from a business and marketing point of view.

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Malene was very patient, gently prompting me when needed and always quick to respond to my communications. I can trust that she will respond quickly and follow up any contact should I want to add or change anything.

Choosing the fonts and colours, images and structures in the developing website was not overwhelming as I had anticipated. I liked how Malene would feed back to me a little of why this or that idea may work better if done in a certain way. My lack of IT knowledge and terminology was not an issue because of the way she could explain in answering my questions.  Malene’s skill in inquiring of me in order to understand what was important to me and my familiar professional language – as every field has its own jargon – was very helpful in pinpointing what was necessary to include in the website to provide for a broad range of people seeking such information.

It was nice for me to find out from the first few new clients that contacted me very soon after completion of the website, that they had done so because the information they found there aligned with their needs. As I had been looking to increase my client numbers, it was immediate feedback that the website was working as intended and that my trust in Malene to put it together was well placed.

Katie Sabry

Katie Sabry

My website was created over a very long distance as I’m in Cyprus and Malene is in Australia, and was created amidst the chaos of 2020 covid pandemic. Regardless of all that, I’m delighted with it! 

Malene was very helpful, quick to reply to all my emails and questions via WhatsApp as well.

As a visual artist I especially wanted my art to stand out without being too commercial. Thus with Malene’s support, and some brilliant suggestions, it’s a beautiful website. Easy to navigate, whether on a phone, tablet or computer. 

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Feedback from friends, family and clients has been very positive. I have also had sales due to people visiting it, again due to covid, just about everything is virtual, making a great website even more important. 

So thank you very much Malene!

Tindoona Cottages

Hege Chapman
Tindoona Cottages

We engaged Malene when we needed to update and re-design our website and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

She listened to our thoughts and made sure she understood what we wanted, then gave us feedback and her own ideas and made sure we agreed on next steps prior to starting the work. With both technical and design skills she quickly made our website both easier to navigate and inviting and professional to view. She explained the background for what she was doing, and made sure we were comfortable with every change. As our website includes a booking option it quickly became clear to us that the “new look” worked, as our direct bookings increased. We have also received positive feedback from competitors and peers as well as from guests.

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We are very happy we engaged Malene, as doing these things yourself (even if you feel you have the time, which we never seemed to have…) just wouldn’t achieve the same professional look. Malene’s fresh eyes, her background and her positive attitude made the process fun! Malene’s approach was both personable and professional. I would most definitely engage her again if I needed website creation or re-work, and I have no hesitation recommending Malene.

Mariane Melgaard
Søparken II

The association’s new website has been well received by my neighbours / fellow residents. The setup itself is characterized as BEAUTIFUL.

The fact that Malene selected photos for each page makes you want to see more. And the photos give the right impression of the associations. The residents are also happy with the Gallery page, with photos of parties and other fun memories.

One resident said about the Resident Portal: “Now everything about the association is gathered in one place. And topics are easy to find, as the structure of the website is well thought out.” A new resident seconded this: “What a great website, it means a lot to me that I have access to all this information.”

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It also helps the board in their work. Right now, we are using the website in connection with the sale of a home. They wrote: “We forwarded the great website.”

When I was writing the text, Malene’s feedback on the language I used was helpful. And it was no issue that it took me a long time to get everything ready. Malene’s advice to address the reader directly and use short sentences etc made the text more relatable. The website’s setup means that it looks good both on the computer and on the smartphone.

Malene has written a guide for updating, which allows us to easily edit and insert new texts and photos. We can keep the website current and usable for all residents and other readers. It’s worth its weight in gold, another resident said.

Nicole Fresle, Headstart Psychology

Nicole Fresle
Headstart Psychology

I would highly recommend Malene to anyone looking to create the perfect website for their needs. She made the whole process so easy with her efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and creativity.

I am thrilled with the increase in client referrals following Malene’s development of my website. In the past I would receive approximately 2-3 new enquiries per month which has now increased to 2-3 per day! I no longer need to market my services through visits to GPs which provides me with more time to focus on my clients. My only issue now is keeping up with client demand, which is a fantastic problem to have. In addition, I am now able to focus on my specialty area of children and teens with 80% of clientele compared to 50% prior to the new website.

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Malene is extremely skilled in working collaboratively to maximise marketing potential and it is clear that complete client satisfaction is her aim.

Malene’s continued customer service is outstanding, with regular contact to check if she can be of assistance. With her friendly and reliable nature, Malene was an absolute joy to work with and made the whole experience enjoyable.

The results have exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the service she provides.